Andreas Geiger Founder CEO

Interview with Andreas Geiger, CEO & Founder

Andreas founded Xotigo in 2017 after successfully implementing a Sales Management solution built on Salesforce for the German supplier HELLA, which was adopted by over 1000 users.

First question, which probably everyone asks, why “Xotigo”?
Andreas: When finding a company name, the goal was to find a short word which does not have a specific meaning by itself. “Xotigo”was born from a combination of letters that each mirror a characteristic of our DNA.

X… stands for cross-functional solutions and collaboration
o… stands for optimizing daily work
t… stands for continuously transforming the way we work
i… stands for driving innovation to get to the next level
go… stands for execution and moving forward

What drove you to found Xotigo?

Andreas: In my former corporate role at HELLA, I was in discussions with multiple automotive suppliers regarding the digital transformation of Sales. All of them were actually using outdated, inefficient homegrown digital solutions and struggling with their digital transformation. Knowing the complexity of the Automotive Supply industry and coming from the Manufacturing industry, I was aware about the huge potential of a tailored digital solution for the industry to cover the complete Sales cycle end to end. With Xotigo we provide a best-practice standard solution that is just right. Our solutions are easy to adjust and combine best in class industry and technology knowledge while delivering excellent value. Companies do not need to do anymore what they are ultimately not good at – implement software solutions themselves – and waste a lot of time and money.

What makes Xotigo unique?

Andreas: At Xotigo we bring different things together which result in unique, outstanding digital solutions. We combine innovation, industry and process, technology and integration, implementation and change management expertise to build benchmark solutions and empower our customers to continuously enhance and adjust our solutions independently, as needed.

In addition, the Xotigo team all complement each other, share a passion for growth and strive for excellence. We all love what we do and enjoy the freedom to integrate work and life in the best possible way.

The Xotigo Sales Management Suite mirrors this passion and has been engineered solely for the Automotive Supply and Manufacturing industries to fulfill the specific needs. Many details finally make a big difference for our customers. We think and integrate processes end to end rather than to implement only features. The Xotigo solutions have all one thing in common – they are “just right” for the highest productivity and best experience.

Automotive supply is quite niche, will Xotigo only focus on this industry?

Andreas: Xotigo has its origins in the Automotive Supply industry. Our team can rely on our extensive expertise since we come from the industry. We are proud about the solutions we have engineered so far but we know that there is still a huge untapped potential for innovations and improvements. Our team is hungry to innovate and shape the way we work in the future. However, other industries, such as Manufacturing, have similar challenges and we are aware that our solutions can support their business very well too. So why shouldn’t we offer our solution to them as well without losing the focus on the Automotive Supply industry? Xotigo strives to make an impact and provide its solutions to all companies who can actually benefit from them.

Why is it fun to work at Xotigo?

Andreas:  Working with a very motivated and ambitious global team alone already brings a lot of fun. Everybody brings in a different culture and wants to shape the future using its growth mindset. Enjoying great workations together strengthens our personal bonds and maintains a high energy level. Laughter and humor are never left at home – they are part of the team spirit and create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. This is why the team can overcome even difficult challenges with a smile. Finally, this is exactly the team spirit our customers feel and why they enjoy so much working with Xotigo.

Xotigo provides digital software solutions for the automotive supply
and manufacturing industries. Xotigo’s solutions cover the entire
business processes of sales teams, increase productivity, improve data
transparency and deliver intelligent insights to improve margins.


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