Steer Sales in the aerospace industry more effectively
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Aerospace component manufacturers currently operate in a highly complex environment defined by market uncertainty, technology transformation, supply shortages and rising raw material prices. The predictability of the commercial aircraft market is a major challenge to Sales teams. This is where Xotigo steps up, putting aerospace suppliers back in control, thanks to intelligent data analytics.

Aerospace supply industry overview

In an ideal world, aircraft OEMs and Tier 1-3 aerospace component suppliers would work together as equals. But there is often an imbalance in which aircraft makers dictate the terms and conditions of long-term agreements that burden suppliers with reduced volume, higher raw material prices and energy costs.

Raw Material Manufacturers


Aerostructure / Avionics / Engine / Interior Manufacturers




Airlines, Aviation customers

Making the complex simple

The Sales Management Suite offers aerospace component manufacturers a single digital solution to manage the entire complex lifecycle of an aircraft project.


Navigate the Future

Plan complex sales projects and contracts in the face of constantly changing volumes and prices.


Commercial Excellence

Closely monitor contract performance, identify deviations and, evaluate commercial opportunities.


Control Changes

Evaluate, quote, track and implement technical and commercial changes.


Organizational Focus

Manage businesses across multiple dimensions: Business units, Product Lines, Key accounts and accounts, regions and production plants.

For aerospace suppliers who want to generate more sales

Xotigo's tailor-made solutions bring all your data together in one place and generate valuable knowledge for your Sales planning in just a few clicks. So that you can work with certainty.


Sales Management Suite

The Xotigo Sales Management Suite is a single solution covering the complete sales lifecycle. It shows your Sales team efficiently and in real- time what is really important. It helps you turn data into usable knowledge – to drive improved revenue and margins.


Scenario Planning

The Xotigo Scenario Planning platform supports mid-long range planning using a highly flexible analytics & collaborative alignment environment. With real-time simulations of multiple scenarios, it delivers immediate answers to “what-if” questions and drives cross-organisational target setting.

Task Flow Execution

The Xotigo Task-Flow Execution platform offers tailor-made solutions to make the most complex cross-functional tasks faster and more efficient. Real-time insights and execution transparency result in increased productivity and improved management steering.


Lahar Tahbildar

Chief Product Officer

“Managing Sales processes and data in aerospace manufacturing is increasingly complex and volatile, making generic Excel or CRM/ERP tools completely redundant. To succeed and stay ahead, Sales teams need a secure, well-integrated suite of solutions – adapted to industry best-practices, delivers intelligent insights, helps simulate and plan the future, and most importantly, enables Sales teams to collaborate real-time with other functions – such as the fully integrated Xotigo solutions.“

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Xotigo provides digital software solutions for the automotive supply, aerospace and manufacturing industries. Xotigo’s solutions cover the entire business processes of sales teams, increase productivity, improve data transparency and deliver intelligent insights to improve margins.


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