Xotigo – because we were once like you

The world of Sales is becoming more complex. Decisions are often made based on gut feeling, because too many tools prevent consolidated processes and valid data analysis. We know the challenges from our own experience – we founded Xotigo to deliver solutions.

More revenue for the automotive and manufacturing industry

You want higher productivity, more transparency and less effort – you want to generate more revenue and higher margins. We want to support you in this - and be the first digital solution provider to continuously deliver performance excellence and the highest added value for the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Founded to do it better

As automotive insiders, software developers and Sales professionals, we have long watched bad decisions being made based on a lack of information. Decisions that were significant to the company’s existence and had important consequences: miscalculations, declining sales, eroding margins. We’ve experienced it all ourselves – and now we want to give you the certainty you deserve and that we never had.

Where our solutions come in


Everything in one-click

All data in one place, providing information and reporting on the real-time status in a live system.


Easy to use

Intuitive dashboards and built-in reports for the least complexity.


Build transparency

Move away from silos and toward cross-functional and seamless processes to increase collaboration.


Realistic forecasting

Collaboratively plan, simulate, and reconcile sales scenarios for better decision making.

Simply the right management

Over the course of his career, Andreas Geiger repeatedly identified a high demand for digital, industry-specific solutions for sales planning and management. With a focus on the automotive industry, he founded Xotigo in 2017. Today, the management team consists of five experts who now also support the manufacturing industry with customized solutions.

Andreas Geiger

CEO & Founder

Lahar Tahbildar

Chief Product Officer


Chief Sales Officer

Benjamin Mayereder

Chief Delivery Officer

Eugene Mbanya

Chief Technical Officer

Simply the right team

Today we are a team of 15 employees. Our curiosity and the urge for change motivate us every day to develop beyond ourselves – alone, but above all as a team. Only together we are stronger. And together we set new benchmarks for the automotive supply and manufacturing industries.

Want to know more about us?

Xotigo provides digital software solutions for the automotive supply
and manufacturing industries. Xotigo’s solutions cover the entire
business processes of sales teams, increase productivity, improve data transparency and deliver intelligent insights to improve margins.


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