​​The Power of Pricing – why manufacturers should focus on price control​

The Power of One Percent

In the highly dynamic and competitive manufacturing industry, Pricing stands out by far as the most powerful tool for maximizing profit margins. Many manufacturing companies put a high focus in difficult time on various measures cost-cutting and cost-avoidance measures, while sometimes ignoring the unique position that price management holds in ensuring the financial sustainability of a business.

​Unleash the power of AI – not before you have good data​

Digital Transformation as a prerequisite for AI

For manufacturing industries, the rapidly evolving capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold immense potential for streamlining business processes. By leveraging quality data, businesses can benefit from enhanced decision-making, efficiency, and innovation. AI’s ability to analyse vast datasets accelerates data-driven insights, optimising operations, and ultimately accelerating business success.

​Unlocking Efficiency: The Real Meaning of a Single Source of Truth​

Searching for the Single Source of Truth

In an ever-changing and dynamic business world, information is power. Organisations rely on accurate and accessible data to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. However, the quest for this information can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially when data, information, and documents are dispersed across various platforms, departments, and formats. This is where the concept of a “Single Source of Truth” (SSOT) becomes not just a buzzword but a crucial solution to streamline operations and unlock efficiency.

​6 Challenges in sales planning and 2 ways you can fix it

If you work in the automotive or manufacturing industry and sales is somewhere in your job title, you’re most likely in the middle of your annual sales planning process at the moment. So this is the best time to tell you: you need to stop right now and rethink what you’re doing. The sales planning process as we know it hasn’t changed in a significant way for decades—and it shows. It’s time to catch up with other industries and take advantage of the digital tools available to overhaul the entire process.

Future-Proof Sales Planning with Real-Time Simulation

Xotigo Scenario Planning

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, effective Sales Planning is crucial for all aspects of the business, from revenue and cost planning to resource, capacity, and investment planning. Manufacturers face many challenges due to uncertain market dynamics, an evolving technology landscape and changing cost and price structures, which result in lengthy and repetitive evaluation loops and management alignments.

The Complexity of Automotive Supplier Pricing

Automotive Supplier Pricing Management

Pricing management in the automotive industry presents unique challenges for automotive suppliers, given the complex nature of pricing structures. Sales teams often face difficulties in maintaining and accurately tracking pricing information due to the multiple components contained in each price agreement.

Leveraging External Market Data for Maximum Value

In the fast-paced automotive industry, integrating external market data into suppliers’ systems has become crucial for success. Prominent sources like S&P IHS Markit, GlobalData LMC Automotive, BloombergNEF and Power Systems Research offer valuable insights and forecasts into vehicle, engine and powertrain production and sales. By harnessing this data effectively, automotive suppliers can anticipate market demand, enhance product development, optimize supply chain management, strengthen customer relationships, and drive sustainable growth.