Eugene Mbanya Xotigo CTO

Interview with Eugene Mbanya, Chief Technical Officer

Eugene is the technical brain behind Xotigo’s advanced product technology and brought our first products to life.

You are the architect and father of Xotigo’s first baby, the Sales Management Suite … how did that happen?

Eugene: That’s a very interesting question but you’re right. It must have been somewhere in 2017 or 2018 after weeks of brainstorming with Andreas Geiger, that we met on a cold weekend in Berlin and spent the whole time drawing on white boards what eventually became the first working prototype of the Sales Management Suite. At the time it was only a prototype for the Opportunity Management module but the work and thought we put into the whole concept, laid a good foundation for all the other modules we have available today.

Xotigo is known to push Salesforce technology to the limits, is that fun for you?

Eugene: Absolutely! It’s every Software Engineer’s dreams to have the opportunity, freedom and flexibility to explore their creativity by leveraging the full capacity of the different technologies they work with. I feel privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to be able to do that at Xotigo, and we’re not yet even close to reaching the limits of our technologies – so there’s lots of exciting times ahead!

The Xotigo developer team is highly diverse and dispersed – how do you keep them all swimming in the same direction?

Eugene: This is only possible when a team shares a common passion and the team members feel truly valued and feel like they’re actually making a difference, which they are. The team is amazing! On another note, I talk to the team regularly and encourage them to not just be „Yes Men or Yes Women“ but to challenge even my own ideas with their unique perspectives. This in turn fosters an environment of creativity, collaboration and collective growth.

And finally, we know you’re an early riser – what makes you get up every morning for Xotigo?

Eugene: Ha ha. I do have a 2 year old daughter and she wakes up very early. So I really don’t have a choice. Jokes aside, it’s really about our global team and customers. Being an early riser helps me to stay in touch with our global team regularly as well as to keep up to date with the state-of-the-art in technology, which in turn ensures we continue to have great and robust products that keep providing value for our customers.


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