Oops I did it again… – Improve planning accuracy by intelligent and predictive input

The management of Sales prices for #Automotive suppliers can be a minefield of mistakes: periodic price reductions, volume related amortizations, frequent price changes, give-backs. Small errors at the Sales account manager level can lead to significant deviations for the company result.

The #Xotigo #CRM #OpportunityManagement Solution supports Sales teams with a best-in-class pricing template allowing simple input with built-in intelligence to increase transparency and reduce errors. Available as an extendable out-of-the-box solution built on #Salesforce. #AccelerateFaster #Digitalization #AutomotiveSupplier #SFDC

Traditional tools such as Excel tracking sheets, databases, email workflows, etc. are the suppliers’ Achilles’ heels to keep up with the detail and pace required. The difficulty to access or input data means project and sales managers run blind to the complete scope of Changes due to the many flying under their radar screens.

While no one will openly admit it, Changes are a key opportunity for a supplier to improve the margin on a project. Conversely, poor costing/pricing of Changes can be the shot that will condemn a project forever to red ink. It is a known fact that the overall bottom-line of some automotive suppliers is dictated by just a few under-performing projects. Therefore, the best performing suppliers pride themselves on transparent overviews of all Changes and are closely tracking the financial impact and negotiation status to protect and maximise their margins.

A flexible, cloud-based and mobile-enabled digital solution is the game plan required to overcome the above challenges, improve collaboration and provide the transparency necessary to steer your business. 

Considering the financial stakes of the Change Management game, investing now in a digital transformation yields a quick ROI winning strategy.