Success story – Inovan’s order management becomes more efficient

Beginning of 2018 Inovan’s S.Knoth (Head of Sales) and P.Perez (Head of Business Unit Plastics Technology) identified the need to optimize and digitize Inovan’s Order Management. With its Automotive expertise and focus, the combination of business and IT experience as well as a proven track record in Change Management Xotigo has been a perfect fit for the endeavor.

In April 2018 a project was started to improve the order management. In comparison to past Inovan projects, a cross-functional project team was set up. Coached by Xotigo the project team discussed and visualized the As-is process in a tailored workshop format. Thereby, existing misunderstandings were resolved and a common process understanding was reached. As a positive side effect at this early stage, Xotigo already identified some quick wins which were implemented immediately without further specification. “It was a positive signal for the project and management team that visible results were delivered already at the very beginning”, said S.Knoth.

In a next step, together in a green field approach best-practice processes were defined and visualized. Knowing the current status and the targeted best-practice processes, digital initiatives were derived and prioritized in a moderated workshop. With the buy-in from the project team, an implementation project supported by a positive business case was presented to the management board and immediately released for implementation. During the next four months, the solution was specified in detailed, implemented and rolled out. After the first weeks benefiting from the new solution, S.Knoth and P.Pérez said that they are confident that it will pay itself off within the next three to six months by the latest, as originally targeted.

S.Knoth concluded that “Xotigo’s sound understanding of the automotive business and digitalization as well as its capability to build bridges among functions and hierarchies by speaking a common language were key success factors”. P.Perez added that he “could always see and feel Xotigo’s customer focus and dedication to deliver sustainable results”.

Xotigo is delighted about our customer’s success, the delivered project results and is looking forward to driving digitalization with its customers.